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Marine Education Resources

Ocean Life Education Youtube Channel

Ocean Life Education Fact Sheets

Blue Sea Star Factsheet

Sand Sea Star Factsheet

Tropical Cucumber Factsheet

Sea Urchin Factsheet

Black Cucumber Factsheet

Click here for ebook with photos of animals 

Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre

Desktop Pictures, Puzzles, Colouring-In, Fact Sheets & Word Fill


Marine Education Lesson Plans - Kindy to Year 12


Sharks and Safety in Queensland


Transporting Sharks 
The National Geographic Wild documentary starred a pair of Silver Tip “Shark’s Sharks” and followed their journey from Cairns to their new home in the Dubai Mall Aquarium.
you can watch it here

Make Your Own Ocean Mural

Ocean Mural

Ocean Mural Instructions 

Ocean Mural Cutouts

Ocean Mural Cutout Instructions

E-book - Dhyum the Dugong


Global Warming Guide

This handy 16 page pdf guide from 2011 Eureka Prize winner Skeptical Science clearly explains what is happening to our climate and why the evidence points to human activity as the cause. Visit the Skeptical Science website to download the guide at:


Coral Watch

The CoralWatch team has recently produced a new book “Coral Reefs and Climate Change:

The book is not aimed at scientists but at educators, students, reef enthusiasts, professionals and interested people.http://www.coralwatch.org/web/guest/coral-reefs-and-climate-change

Discovering wetlands in Australia - a primary classroom resource


Groundwater Flash Animation


Waterbusters Game


Coastcare Brochure

Why do our oceans and beaches end up like dumps? What can I do to help?
Get your mind in the gutter

Ocean funsheets thanks to learningpage.com
suitable for fun at home - not curriculum based

Kindy Language
     Kindy Math     Kindy Science

Preschool Funsheet 1-20    Preschool Funsheet 21-40

Grade 1 Language    Grade 1 Maths    Grade 1 Science

Grade 2 Language    Grade 2 Maths    Grade 2 Science

Grade 3 Language    Grade 3 Maths    Grade 3 Science

Basic facts and pictures of 23 sea animals such as dolphin, great white shark and octopus

Facts n pictures 

Putting Children First – Newsletter of the National Childcare Accreditation Council.

Environmental Experiences in Child Care (p14-17) – providing opportunities for children to connect with the natural world. 

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