Here are some fun learning resources to help you educate your students and children about caring for our marine environment.

Ocean Fact sheets & Fun

Animal Fact Sheets


Ocean Murals

Online Activities

  • Deepsea Dive Interactive Learning  Explore the depths of the ocean with this fun interactive graphic as you meet creatures from the surface of the sea down to the darkest depths of some of the Earth’s deepest oceans.

Ocean Crafts

Learning Resources

Shark Safety

Interesting Reading

  • NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

    Get the facts about our oceans and coasts with the NOAA National Ocean Service, Ocean Facts. Explore ocean basics, ocean life, ecosystems, health, tides and currents, and more.

  • The Terramar Project

    The Terramar Project is on a mission to create a global ocean community to give a voice to the high seas. Read more and sign the pledge.

  • The Daily Catch

    From the people at The Terramar Project, The Daily Catch brings you the best ocean, river and lake news from around the world.

Interesting Videos

  • Human Impact

    Our YouTube Playlist – Human Impact offers a suite of videos related to our human behaviours and their impacts on the natural environment and Earth, including climate change.

  • Ocean Habitats

    Explore the various habitats of the ocean through a selection of videos in our YouTube Playlist – Ocean Habitats.

  • Dangerous Marine Animals

    Ever wondered about those dangerous creatures living in our waters? Our YouTube Playlist – Dangerous Marine Animals will guide you through Box Jellyfish, Blue Ringed Octopus and the deadly Stone Fish.

  • Ocean Acidification

  • Plastic Oceans

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