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Come and meet our team! Our marine educators are so passionate about what they do, they can’t wait to visit you soon.


Richard Coward – Director of Education/Owner

Richard’s incredible passion for the marine environment and his vibrant personality allow him to educate and inspire children and adults to care for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Richard has extensive experience managing exhibits in local and overseas aquariums, working with sharks, seals, penguins, turtles, sea jellies, fish, octopus and invertebrates to name a few.  He has been involved in research projects such as buoyancy syndrome turtle research, shark research and breeding programs as well as whale rescue.

Richard’s knowledge has been reported on the Totally Wild television series and various news broadcasts.  As a father of three children he enjoys the fascination sea animals bring to young minds.

tracey coward

Tracey Coward – Business Manager/Owner

Ocean Life Education Business Manager, Tracey Coward, realised the need for Eco-Education for early ages and founded the business with her husband, Richard, in 2006.

Tracey and Richard have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years and have three school-aged children all sharing a love for animals and the natural environment. Tracey has a Graduate Certificate in Business Management and Master of Business Administration.

“Our vision is to create enjoyment and awareness of the Marine Environment at an early age, imprinting a sense of ownership and protectiveness that can be carried with them into the future as responsible adults, all of which is vital for our future sustainability.”


Katie-Anne – Marine Educator

Katie-Anne is a passionate advocate for science and nature and this shines through when she delivers her Ocean Life Education shows.

With over a decade-long career in science and education, Katie has inspired students to be curious with science and nature from the early learning age right through to senior level high school. Katie-Anne holds a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology and Biotechnology) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education.

“My role as an Ocean Life educator allows me to impart my love for the environment through engaging and informative programs. I feel that this unique experience allows a deeper understanding and ownership of the world we live in and I feel privileged to be able to provide this to teachers and students.”

stephanie marine education officer

Stephanie – Marine Educator

Steph is an adventurer at heart and is passionate about ocean conservation.

Having travelled the world, Steph’s lived in the Caribbean where she handled and fed wild stingrays while hosting snorkelling tours, she’s swam with sharks and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands while conducting marine research and is now working with us, inspiring children to love the ocean while completing a Bachelor of Environmental Marine Science.

“I love teaching kids about the importance of the ocean and marine conservation as they are the future that can help make a change. Being able to educate in my chosen field to a generation that can make a difference is a privilege. Planting the seed at a young age allows their curiosity and questions to grow into knowledge and with knowledge comes change.”

amber marine education officer

Amber – Marine Educator

Amber’s first experience of life under the sea was when her class had a sleep-over at Underwater World. Unfortunately that was the only main interaction she had with sea life during her schooling. This led to Amber’s realisation that for the largest island in the world, our education system does not concentrate enough on our understanding of our impact on the planet. This inspired Amber to join our team.

Amber graduated from QUT in 2014 with a degree in Behavioural Science (Psychology). This has given her an understanding of people and how and why they react the way they do. “Children crave excitement, knowledge and interactive experiences which are invaluable to their understanding and retention. That is why the work Ocean Life does is so important.

“I cannot get enough of adding to children’s knowledge and creating fun-filled ways to teach them. I hope that through my role as a Marine Education Officer I can make a difference in the way the next generation treats the ocean and it’s marine life.”

Jason marine education officer

Jason – Marine Educator

Jason is dedicated to protecting the future of our oceans and is passionate about making a difference in how people understand and protect the marine ecosystems. Jason has studied marine science and conservation, all in the effort to be able to communicate how important the seas are to us all.

Having travelled to many interesting places around the world, Jason has witnessed first-hand the positives and negatives that impact our planet and decided to work in marine conservation while up on the slopes of Mount Everest!

“I’m a husband, a dad, and an advocate for conservation. I use my voice to make sure my daughter and all other children are able to enjoy our living oceans. There is so much mystery and wonder down there, and when you see a young pair of eyes excited by something as simple as a sea star, you know it’s worth fighting for.”

Nour-team-natalieatalie – Marine Educator

Natalie’s passion for conservation is evident in her quality delivery of our early childhood educational programs.

With a Cert III in Children’s Services, Miss Nat is known for her ability to engage children from an early age and to provide key messages and focus points in her presentations. Knowing and understanding the EYLF has helped with her ability to provide quality presentations that are both engaging and educational allowing educators to build on and follow up with additional learning experiences.

“Working for Ocean Life Education and delivering their message to children is truly the best job in the world. I am passionate about Marine conservation and love being a role model to our future generation. There’s that, and well, my 3 year old daughter also thinks I’m a mermaid.”

our-team-meaghanMeaghan – Marine Educator

Meaghan is a scientist by trade, adventurer at heart and natural wonder of the world enthusiast!

Meaghan holds bachelor and postgraduate qualifications in science and biotechnology and is currently completing a PhD in molecular biology science with a team working on a Crown-of-Thorns Starfish project to combat the population outbreak crisis on the Great Barrier Reef.

“I feel a great sense of responsibility for the environment and nature. My work with Ocean Life Education to inspire and educate children about the ocean, marine life and human impact is extremely rewarding. I am constantly surprised by the intelligence and knowledge our upcoming generation have at such a young age and believe in the power of science communication and education to evoke positive change”

Alison Cooper

Alison – Business Development Officer

Alison is the friendly person who answers the phone and schedules our visits to you. She also writes our newsletters, looks after our Facebook page, manages our website and helps us to reach more children across our region.

Alison started with Ocean Life Education in 2014 and brings over seven years’ experience in Marketing and has undertaken Postgraduate studies in Sustainability. She’s passionate about working with people who care about our future and trying to explore as much of the world as possible.

“What attracted me to Ocean Life Education was their passion and drive to inspire as many children as possible to take responsibility for looking after our waterways. It’s such an important message that the whole team believes in.”


Renee Fletcher – Administration Officer

Renee is passionate about the natural environment and the important role high quality environmental education programs play in fostering a sense of stewardship and respect for our environment.

Renee has more than 15 years’ experience in the fields of education and environmental education. She enjoys getting out and about with her family in the many varied and amazingly beautiful spots right here on the coast.

“We are so privileged to have stewardship of our incredible planet and its oceans. I enjoy supporting the Ocean Life Education team to nurture a sense of caring and responsibility in the next generation.”

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