Our Programs

All programs are delivered by qualified Marine Educators with a passion for the ocean. They provide a lively, fun and interactive experience with our live marine animals and are designed to educate and inspire schools and community to protect our precious marine environment.


Primary School Programs

Primary programs are linked to the Australian National Curriculum and delivered by qualified Marine Educators. They provide a lively, fun and interactive experience with our live marine animals, bringing curriculum learning to life and inspiring children to protect the marine environment. Programs may be tailored to suit requirement.

Live Marine Animal Interaction

Baby Bamboo Shark, Fresh Water Turtle, Blue Linckia Seastars, Thorny Seastars, Tropical Sea Cucumber, Black Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchins


High School Programs

Our curriculum based high school programs are designed for students from Year 7 to 12.

From classification using our echinoderms, to human impact and topics around sustainability, our science incursion will compliment science, marine studies or biology classes and can be tailored to suit requirement.


Early Learning Programs

Early Years ShellsThe Ocean Life Discovery Program is an interactive touch and learn session introducing children to creatures from the ocean, with live marine creatures to touch as well as an activity area to explore.

Our early learning program includes a 20 – 30 minute show for toddlers and a 40 minute show for ages 3-5.


Holiday Programs

Primary ProgramsOur holiday programs include a 75 minute session and are designed to provide OSHC centres with affordable, fun and interesting vacation care initiatives throughout the school holidays.

We regularly change our programs so children of all ages can be taken on a new and exciting ocean discovery journey each holiday season.



From birthday parties to conferences, environmental events to open days and school excursions and days-out – we’re always interested to hear about your special event.

We can provide live marine displays, host workshops, give a guest lecture or take your students on a guided tour to discover coastal mysteries in their natural habitats.


Senior Marine Biologist for a Day

Marine Biologist for a Day Programs

School Holiday Program (9-2.30 pm). Price $85. Bookings via Eventbrite.
Ever wondered how many teeth a shark has? How long sea cucumbers live for? Which animal throws its stomach out through its mouth to eat?