About Ocean Life Education

Primary Programs

Ocean Life Education ‘Brings the Sea to You’ with fun marine education programs designed to inspire students of all ages to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem.

Our marine educators arrive with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and information, blending ‘hands on’ interaction with science and humour.

Our mobile incursions are imprinting a sense of ownership and protectiveness of our oceans. We visit children and adults all over South East Queensland, wherever our education vans will take us.

Ocean Life Education has been providing children’s education and activities since 2006.

Our Vision

We will imprint in every Australian a sense of ownership and protectiveness of our oceans, and together we will lead the world in the changes necessary for a healthy planet.

How we began

Turtle Rescue – Underwater World 2005

Ocean Life Education is an organisation brought about by necessity and passion, led by Marine Ecologist and Director of Education, Richard Coward.

Richard studied Marine Ecology at Queensland’s Griffith University. He started his career running Underwater World education programs and went on to become Curator of Fishes at the famous Sunshine Coast tourist attraction.

This profession saw him help implement a new aquarium in South Korea at Haeundae Beach – it was here Richard noticed whilst undergoing a routine maintenance dive on the aquariums intake pipe that there was a complete lack of marine life, due to overfishing pressure.

Having witnessed such catastrophic devastation he recognised this as a wakeup call for Australia and its possible environmental future.

This coupled with a realisation of increasing difficulty for many children to visit great learning facilities such as public aquariums due to increasing expenses and the tyranny of distance brought about the idea of taking the sea to the children, providing live marine life incursions.

3 mobile vans available to ‘Bring the Sea to You’


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