Many people fear sharks because of shock stories in the media and scary films like Jaws. The fact is that sharks are a crucial part of the food chain that help keep the oceans and planet healthy. We need to take time to learn the facts about sharks and why they are so important to us and our world, so that we can help to protect sharks.

Shark Fact – We Need Sharks

As APEX predators, sharks sit at the top of the food chain and help maintain a healthy balance of life and healthy oceans. By controlling numbers of large and mid-sized predators, sharks allow smaller fish to thrive, ensuring healthy ecosystems with a diverse range of species and competitors. Apex predators like sharks are known as keystone species. This means that they are crucially important. Take sharks out of the food chain and the whole structure could collapse, so we need sharks to stop this from happening by protecting sharks.

5 Amazing Shark Facts for Kids

Our favourite 5 Shark Facts for kids: * Sharks have been around since before the dinosaurs * Sharks can produce 30,000 teeth in a lifetime * Humans need sharks as they help ensure a healthy ocean * Shark attacks on humans are due to mistaken identity * You have more chance of being killed by a cow than a shark *

Shark Activities, Resources & Courses For Kids & Adults

We have created a host of engaging videos, fact sheets, worksheets, activities, quizzes and even a SHARK COURSE with the aim of promoting understanding of sharks to both kids and adults. We hope you enjoy them and are inspired to want to protect amazing sharks too.

amazing sharks course
Certified Online Sharks Course & Activities for Kids & Adults

If you’re interested in sharks and want to know more, why not check out our fun Amazing Sharks Course

It’s packed full of fun shark activities, shark worksheets, shark diagrams, shark videos and shark quizzes that appeal to both kids and adults.

Pass the course and receive an awesome personalised Shark Legend Certificate.

Suits age 7+. Cost $20.

Amazing sharks
Shark Facts - Videos
  1. Built to Hunt
  2. The Point of Teeth
  3. Why We Need Sharks
  4. Why Sharks Attack


Our own range of videos also cover the following shark themed curriculum topics for kids: Adapatation, Habitats, Human Impact, Food Webs, Natural Selection, Classification and more…

Amazing Sharks resources
Amazing Sharks Fact Sheet
  • An Introduction to Sharks
  • Shark Habitat
  • Shark Reproduction
  • Human Impact on Sharks
  • Should I be Scared of Sharks?
  • Why We Need Sharks
whale shark resources

Test your general shark knowledge.

Content includes:

What are baby sharks are called? Which is the fastest shark in the ocean?  How many people are killed by sharks in Australia each year?

whale shark resource
Sharks Down Under Australian Shark Facts
  • Sharks of Australia
  • Great White Sharks
  • Human Impact on  Sharks
  • Shark Habitat
  • Should I Be Scared of Sharks?
  • Why Australia Needs Sharks
Amazing Sharks Reproduction

Discover the three main ways that amazing Australian sharks reproduce and produce baby sharks.

Content includes:

Viviparous, Oviparous & Ovoviparous methods

Shark Smart poster
Shark Smart Printable Poster
shark anatomy and adaptation
Shark Anatomy - Great White
Shark Anatomy and adaptation
Shark Anatomy Fact Sheet
Sharks Teeth and adaptation
Shark Teeth /Adaptation Fact Sheet
Sharks and Human Impact
Why We Need Sharks/ Human Impact
How Can I Protect Sharks?
protect sharks

We can all do our bit to help protect sharks. Here are 5 easy way that’s you can help protect sharks:


  • Educate yourself and your friends about the importance of sharks
  • Share your love of sharks on social media
  • Buy only sustainable fish and seafood – check labels thoroughly!
  • Don’t buy fish marked ‘flake’ – it’s shark
  • Join a volunteer shark conservation organisation like Sea Shepherd or Sharks & Rays of Australia