Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to touch the animals?

Yes. All touching occurs in a positively controlled learning environment under the guidance of our trained presenters. Presenters will advise which animals are for touching and which are not. It is a requirement that all students rinse their hands with plain fresh water before participating and wash their hands with soap and water at the conclusion of touching animals.

Do the animals feel being touched?

The animals we touch are echinoderms – lower order animals. They do not have a nervous system like ours, or even like a fish! They pump water around their bodies to keep them alive, rather than blood. They are simple animals adapted for finding food and survival, their role is to clean the ocean floor.

How do you ensure the welfare of the animals? Do they get stressed?

Ocean Life Education is dedicated to animal welfare, care and sustainability. Relevant legislation we abide by is the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 and the Nature Conservation Act 1992. As mobile educators, our animal handling policy requires animals to be rotated between use to reduce handling times and prevent causing stress. We also have a strict ‘stroke don’t poke’ policy.

How do you protect the animals during your programs?

We are dedicated to the welfare of our marine animals while in our protection and during our programs. Animals are always under the careful eye of our presenters and our strict ‘1 finger – stroke don’t poke’ policy helps us to maintain a positively controlled learning environment for both the children and the animals.

Are your marine animals sourced sustainably?

Ocean Life Education is committed to animal welfare, care and sustainability. Relevant legislation we abide by is the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Our animals are sourced from world leading suppliers of sustainably collected marine specimens to ensure the safety and protection of the animals and the environment.

How do you ensure the welfare of children and students?

Ocean Life Education is committed to the welfare and wellbeing of children and young people and has a Child Protection Policy and Risk Management Strategy in place and all presenters are current Blue Card holders. For us to achieve our goals, the children must be involved in positive interaction, so their welfare is paramount to us and our cause.

Does a teacher or educator need to be present during your programs?

Yes. We provide 1 presenter during a program and require that teacher numbers are proportionate to students. We ask that one of your educators assist students with the use of our resources while the presenter is guiding students in touching the animals. This is not the case with an event setup, or if there are constant large numbers we will have two or more staff on hand but this will be negotiated with you at the time of booking.

How much does a program cost?

There are several fee schedules depending on if you are booking an early learning or school incursion, or event setup. Minimum rates are dependent on location and number of programs booked. Event prices are flat rate. All prices are GST and travel inclusive. Visit our Pricing web page for details or phone us for a quote, on 07 5443 8545.