Humpback Whale Migration

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Humpback Whale Migration
Humpback Whale Migration

These image-based resources are designed to assist in teaching curriculum themes (human impact, habitats, adaptation, classification etc.) using a thoroughly engaging subject. Resources include downloadable videos, infographics, fact sheets, maps, a migration calendar, presentation and more.

Humpback Whale Migration
Eastern Humpback Whale Migration

Eastern Humpback Whale Migration – certified mini course

Our new online mini course is for kids (and adults!) who want to get the low down on the East Coast migration in a one stop shop! It contains videos, awesome images, a whale-watching guide, a migration calendar, fast facts, quizzes and more. Complete the course to receive a personalised certificate, awarded by our very own Head of Education, Marine Biologist, Richard Coward!

online shark course
Certified Online Sharks Course & Activities for Kids & Adults

If you’re interested in sharks and want to know more, why not check out our fun Amazing Sharks Course

It’s packed full of fun shark activities, shark worksheets, shark diagrams, shark videos and shark quizzes that appeal to both kids and adults.

Pass the course and receive an awesome personalised Shark Legend Certificate.

Suits age 7+. Cost $20.