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We are delighted to offer two new online courses; Humpback Whales and Amazing Sharks, together with Humpback Whale Teaching Resources.

All include inspirational and engaging videos, infographics, fact sheets, worksheets, and more. 

Our live marine animal incursions compliment online learning and bring curriculum learning to life in your classroom or at the ocean.

We aim to EDUCATE children and the community and to INSPIRE change in order to PROTECT our precious OCEAN.


humpback whale
Humpback Whale Online Course

For everyone who wants to get the low down on Australia’s iconic  Humpback Whales. It contains awesome videos, infographics, a whale-watching guide, migration calendar, maps, quizzes and more! Complete the course to receive a personalised certificate, awarded by our very own Head of Education, Marine Biologist, Richard Coward!

Age 7+. Duration: 1-2 hours

humpback teaching resources
Humpback Whale - Teaching Resources

Our Humpback Whale Resources are designed to assist in teaching curriculum themes such as Human Impact, Habitats, Adaptation, and Classification, using an iconic subject. Resources include downloadable videos, activities,  infographics, fact sheets, maps, a calendar, presentation and more!

amazing sharks kids course
Amazing Sharks Online Course & Shark Activities

Learn the facts and bust the myths about sharks.

Packed full of awesome activities, videos, infographics and fast facts, plus four shark quizzes to test your knowledge.

Pass all four chapters to qualify as a Shark Legend and get awarded with your personalised certificate from Marine Biologist, Richard Coward.

Suits Age 7+. Duration 2-3 hours.

Humpback Migration Calendar

Link to free downloadable PDF