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Holiday Programs & Online Courses

Our Holiday Programs are designed to provide OSHC centres with affordable, fun and educational vacation care activities throughout the school holidays. Holiday Programs are delivered by qualified and enthusiastic marine educators and provide an interactive hands-on experience with our live marine animals.

We also offer adhoc Marine Biologist for a Day Programs during school holidays – these inspirational days are a great way for ocean enthusiasts to discover more about the ocean.

To compliment our Holiday Programs, and fulfil demand for online learning, we have recently launched certified online courses – Amazing Sharks & Humpback Whales – see details below. These courses are a great way for children to get educated and inspired at home.

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Holiday Programs (Incursions)
Holiday Programs (Incursions)

All children get to touch the animals, including sea stars, black sea cucumber, tropical sea cucumber, sea urchin and fresh water turtle.  They also get up close to our baby bamboo shark (although no touching of the shark)!

  • Fascinating Artefact Activity Station: shark jaws, odd and interesting shells, replica sea creatures, activities, reference guides & more.
  • Educational Resources: Programs are supported by our own quality resources such as videos, activities & worksheets

We have a range of school holiday programs, so children of all ages can be taken on a new and exciting ocean discovery journey each holiday season. Program duration: 75 minutes

THEMES: Shark Discovery, Human Impact, Weird & Wonderful

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Human Impacts
Shark Discovery
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Weird & Wonderful
Marine Biologist For a Day & Online Courses
marine biologist for a day
Marine Biologist for a Day - Junior


Ever wondered how many teeth a shark has? How long sea cucumbers live for? Which animal throws its stomach out through its mouth to eat? Ocean Life Education’s Marine Biologist for a Day Primary Program is designed for children with a curiosity about the marine environment and all the animals who live in it.

humpback whale
Humpback Whale Online Course

Our new online humpback whale course is for kids (and adults!) who want to get the low down Australia’s humpbacks and impress their friends. It contains awesome videos, infographics, a whale-watching guide, migration calendar, maps, quizzes and more!Complete the course to receive a personalised certificate, awarded by our very own Head of Education, Marine Biologist, Richard Coward!

Age 7+. Duration: 1-2 hours

amazing sharks kids course
Online Sharks Course & Activities

Learn the facts and bust the myths about sharks and why they are crucial to our existence with Ocean Life Education’s awesome certified Amazing Sharks online course for kids (and adults!). It’s packed full of awesome activities, videos, infographics and fast facts, plus four shark quizzes.

Pass all four chapters to qualify as a Shark Legend and get awarded with your personalised certificate from Marine Biologist, Richard Coward.

Suits Age 7+. Duration 2-3 hours.