Ocean Events

Each year, hundreds of events take place all over the world to celebrate the ocean and focus efforts on education and inspiring action to protect this precious body of water and everything within and around it. There are two major days to mark in your calendar – SeaWeek 2024 in Australia and World Ocean Day which takes place accross the globe. In addition to these, there are a  host of other special dates that focus efforts on particular marine animals, habitats or causes. Check out our FREE Annual Ocean Events Calendar for the full list – click link below.

World Ocean Day – An annual event that aims to shed light on the critical issues impacting our oceans. Its mission is to foster a deeper understanding of our connection with the ocean and motivate efforts to safeguard it. Why not mark World Ocean Day at your school by arranging a special event or activity? Click the link below to check out the fantastic ideas to engage your center or school in celebrating World Ocean Day with us.

SeaWeek – Australia’s national public awareness initiative endeavors to shine a spotlight on community awareness, educate, and cultivate an appreciation for the sea. This week-long annual event serves as a prime opportunity to champion educational initiatives concerning the marine environment. For more information, click the link below.

Of course, we are always at hand to support your in-school activities with a live animal incursion or a beach excursion and will tailor our program to suit your needs.

We hope to celebrate your ocean events with you soon!

SeaWeek 2024

Australia’s public awareness campaign to focus community awareness and encourage an appreciation of the sea.


World Ocean Day is on a mission to deepen our understanding of our relationship with the ocean and inspire action to protect it.