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Amazing Sharks Fact Sheet

Our Amazing Sharks Fact Sheet provides an overview of sharks and a list of amazing shark facts.

Content includes:

  • An Introduction to Sharks
  • Shark Habitat
  • Shark Reproduction
  • Human Impact on Sharks
  • Should I be Scared of Sharks?
  • Why We Need Sharks

Our Amazing Sharks Shark Master Quiz will test your general shark knowledge about truly amazing sharks!!

Content includes:

20 Shark Facts Quiz question

Do you know what baby sharks are called? Which is the fastest shark in the ocean?  How many people are killed by sharks in Australia each year?

Sharks Down Under Australian Shark Facts

Our Amazing Australian Sharks Fact Sheet provides an overview of sharks in Australian waters.

Content includes:

  • Sharks of Australia
  • Great White Sharks
  • Human Impact on  Sharks
  • Shark Habitat
  • Should I Be Scared of Sharks?
  • Why Australia Needs Sharks
Amazing Sharks Reproduction

Discover the three main ways that amazing Australian sharks reproduce and produce baby sharks.

Content includes:

Viviparous, Oviparous & Ovoviparous methods




Shark Smart
Shark Smart Printable Poster
Great White Shark
Shark Anatomy - Great White
Shark Anatomy
Shark Anatomy Fact Sheet
Sharks Teeth
Shark Teeth Fact Sheet
Why We Need Sharks
Why We Need Sharks
Additional Resources
Shark Discovery
Sharks – QLD Government

E-book for parents and teachers,

Shark Discovery Program – YouTube Playlist

Ocean Life Education’s YouTube Playlist, Shark Discovery Program, provides a suite of videos that explore interesting facts and behaviours about Sharks. Great to watch before or after we deliver the exciting Shark Discovery Holiday Program to your centre or school.