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NEW – High School Program

Monday 24 September, 2018
North Shore Community Centre – Mudjimba – Sunshine Coast
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Primary School Program

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Primary Kids:
Would you like to be a Marine Biologist for a day?
Become immersed in a full day of marine science:

  • Investigate live marine creatures and ocean artefacts
  • Learn the different roles marine animals play in their environments
  • Learn how humans have affected marine life and how you can help
  • Learn all about sharks and the important role they play
  • And so much more

Would you like your child to respect the ocean and all the creatures within it?

Marine Biologist for a Day is all about educating students, so they can become informed protectors of the sea and all of its wonderful creatures. Parents are invited to be a part of the final half an hour of the session, so their children can show off their new found Marine Biology skills. You will be amazed by just how much your kids have absorbed!

Marine Biologist for a Day will be an experience they will never forget.
Spaces are limited, bookings essential!

Download the Marine Biologist for a day program outline

We heard about it for days! She still speaks about it almost a month later (Maree Sturdy)

Thank you to Richie and the team! My daughter and friend loved the Marine Biologist for a Day program! It was engaging, fun and educational! Great job guys. (Erin Horkings – Facebook Review)








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