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Bringing You the Ocean - Sharing the knowledge of the ocean and the sea creatures

Ocean Life Education 'Brings the Sea to You' with fun marine education programs designed to inspire students of all ages to appreciate and take responsibility for the marine ecosystem.

Our mobile marine educators arrive with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and information, blending 'hands on' interaction with science and humour.

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Marine incursions are accredited by Education Queensland and are linked to the Australian Curriculum. A  variety of marine education programs are offered for Early learning, Schools, Vacation Care, Events  and Corporate Groups.

Fun interactive programs cover topics such as plastic pollution, climate change, human impact issues, classification, conservation and life cycles to name a few.

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Ocean Life Education has a collection of resources that have been included on this site for your use.

New resources will be added regularly so come back again sometime for another look! Also click on Links above for other helpful websites.

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I booked a visit from Ocean Life Education to complement an introductory marine biology unit for a year 11 Marine Science course. The Oceanlife session provided my students with real-life, hands-on experience observing the various classes of echinoderms. Richard's easy-going, humorous dialogue reinforced previous classroom learning; added depth and breadth to my students' understanding of structural and behavioral adaptations; and provided some levity before an upcoming practical exam.

I highly recommend an Oceanlife Education visit to all Marine Science teachers.

Adam Richmond (Head of Marine Science) Clontarf State High 16 March 2014

The interactive and inquiry based learning experiences provided by Ocean Life Education, was rated as the favourite lesson of the year from my year 11 Biology class. Not only were students excited about getting up close and personal with varying organisms, they later expressed their determination in protecting the surrounding marine environment. Richard is clearly passionate about his marine creatures which extended through the delivery educational program. We were most particularly impressed with the adaptability of the programs Richard ran, as his clientele is usually catered towards lower year levels. This program was the highlight of the year for all of our students and we are eagerly awaiting Richard's next visit.


Chris Gauthier

Science Teacher

Cleveland District SHS

March 2010


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