Nov 15

2022 fast fashion definition

Why Fast Fashion is a Problem for the Ocean

  Australians are considered to be the second highest consumers of textiles in the world. Clothing prices are often relatively low and many of us get a buzz from frequently wearing new clothes. But does striving to have the latest designs come at too high a cost to the environment? Read on to as we […]


Oct 13


What Do Marine Teachers Do?

  Education is key to understanding the ocean and how crucial it is to our existence, as well as inspiring people to want to protect it. So, the role of a marine teacher is a very important one. But what do marine teachers do? The Role of a Marine Educator in Schools The crucial role […]


Sep 15

2022 marine incursions

Ocean Life Education Incursions in Brisbane

As Director of Education at Ocean Life Education, I have been educating children about my passion, the ocean, for nearly sixteen years. My lively team of qualified marine educators and I visit schools, early learning centres and events inspiring young people to appreciate and want to protect the ocean with our live animal incursions in […]


Aug 23

2022 humpback whale migration map

OCEAN NEWS – Watching Queensland’s Humpback Migration

This Month: Celebrating Queensland’s Humpback Migration, FREE migration calendar, How whale poo fights climate change, Humpback fast facts, Teaching Human Impact, Out & About this month, Ocean Creature Feature.  Woohoo!!!! The Humpbacks are Back It’s that exciting time of year when humpback whales migrate up and down the Queensland coastline from the Antarctic to mate and give birth in […]