Sep 18

2021 beach clean

How to Get Involved in a Beach Clean

  If you want to make a difference and take action to protect our ocean environment, why not join a beach clean? It’s sure to inspire you and make you feel great and you’ll probably learn a lot and meet some pretty amazing people too. Read on to discover how to get involved in a […]


Aug 24

2021 whale shark

Is a Whale Shark a Shark?

Whale sharks look quite different to how we imagine a shark to look. They are enormous, reaching 12 meters or more in length and weighing as much as 16 tons – basically, they are about the size of a bus! And they don’t have sharp teeth, in fact their teeth don’t really assist in feeding […]


Jul 14

2021 Amazing sharks

Should We Protect Sharks?

  We think so! We hear so many negative stories about sharks in the media but what role do they actually play in the ocean and why are they important to us? The fact is that sharks are a crucial part of the food chain and help keep the oceans, planet (and us), healthy… and […]


Jul 7

2021 East Coast Whales

Humpback Whale Migration Guide

After a summer of feeding on up to 4 tonnes of krill in nutrient-rich chilly Antarctic waters, more than 20,000 Humpback Whales migrate north to the sub-tropical waters of East Coast Australia. They head to the warm waters of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef, to mate and give birth. The east coast migration […]