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Richard features on Ten’s Totally Wild to talk Sharks

Richard talking sharks on tens totally wild show

At Ocean Life Education, we love to talk about Sharks! We think public education is key when it comes to safety in the water and in understanding these commonly misunderstood predators.

We recently teamed up with Channel 10’s Totally Wild to clear up some of these common misconceptions.

In this segment, we look at why people encounter sharks, why sharks make mistakes and how best to avoid contact with sharks.

Sharks are important to the marine ecosystem. Without them, the ocean’s ecosystem would collapse so we need to learn to live with them to maintain a healthy ocean.

Catch Richard on Ten’s Totally Wild below. Skip forward to 1.54secs – there’s some really cool info in here and we’d love to hear from you below about what you thought, or even what you learnt!

WATCH NOW: http://tenplay.com.au/channel-eleven/totally-wild/season-23/episode-86

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If your students love sharks, you can book our Shark Discovery program for vacation care where we talk more about all of this and more!

Richard talks Shark feeding habits with Ten’s Totally Wild

Summer is rapidly approaching and more people will be heading to our magnificent coastal regions to enjoy a dip in the ocean. But while you’re diving the waves this summer, will you have a small worry in the back of your mind? Cue cliche shark music…da dum…da dum…

At Ocean Life Education, we love to educate the public about safety in the water, especially concerning sharks.

There’s been much discussion around sharks recently following several incidents with surfers at popular Eastern beaches. We thought this was a great time to team up with Channel 10’s Totally Wild to clear up some common misconceptions.

This week, we headed to the beach with Totally Wild to film a segment on why people encounter sharks, why sharks make mistakes and how best to avoid contact with sharks. Our view is that the better educated the public is about sharks the better choices they’ll make, and therefore the safer they will be.

Sharks are important to the marine ecosystem, we need to learn to live with them and look after them, to maintain a healthy ocean.

Richard’s Safe Swimming Tips this Summer

  • Don’t swim too early in the morning, too late in the afternoon or at night.
  • Don’t swim in dark or murky water, especially near rivers or estuaries.
  • Don’t swim at beaches near rivers after heavy rainfall.
  • Don’t swim in areas where sharks are known to visit.
  • Swim between the flags, where lifesavers are watching out. There is a reason for where they put the flags and when they open and close the beach.
  • Understand sharks, be educated and mark responsible choices when and where to go into the water.

The Sunshine Coast Daily were aware of us filming the segment and thought the timing was right to put an article in last Tuesday’s paper to help spread the message.

Ocean Life Education Newspaper clipping

Sunshine Coast Daily pg7 Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Read the full article on the Sunshine Coast Daily website.

The filming with Totally Wild went well and we will let you know when it’s going to air. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page.

My only reservation – the SC Daily could have used more touch up flare on the picture of yours truly in the paper!

Richard C.

Winner of the Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2015

Ocean Life Education winner of the 2015 Sunshine Coast Business Award

Photo: facebook.com/SCEIBAwards

Wow what a ride the last few weeks have been! We are very happy to have won the Sunshine Coast Business Award for Education & Training. A real testament to the wonderful staff that help make us a fantastic and effective educational resource.

A huge thank you goes out to all you amazing teachers at schools, child care centres and vacation care that invite us in and let us help breed new generations of environmentally savvy custodians.

Our business is not successful without you and your ongoing support. We look forward to maintaining our relationship and continuing to make environmental learning fun, engaging and interactive.

Tracey and Richard attended the Gala event at the Novotel Twin Waters along with Alison (marketing) and Nathan (presenter) with wife, Lauren.


Needless to say we were all so happy for the recognition of Ocean Life Education, a business with purpose that we are all so passionate about.

Tracey and Richard Coward at the Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2015

Photo: facebook.com/SCEIBAwards

Tracey and Richard Coward, just moments after receiving the award.

OLE accepting award

Here’s Tracey and Richard receiving the award. Richard kept the acceptance speech short and sweet but said “receiving this award is a win for the environment”.

You can check out more photos from the Sunshine Coast Business Awards event on our Facebook page.