Going International

27654597_329491477543568_5883821825959801009_nLanguage proved no barrier for a group of International students meeting our animal ambassadors for the first time.

The children from China and Japan were on a study aboard program hosted by John Paul International College in Brisbane.

While a translator was on hand for some of the more complex explanations, the students needed no help bonding with the sea stars, sea cucumbers and spiny sea urchins.

Having the unique opportunity to gently touch animals they have never encountered before enhanced the learning experience for the students, who will spend up to 10 weeks studying in Australia.

The Shark jaws were a big hit with the kids who were fascinated to find out these predatory fish are far more complex than the killing machines they are unfairly portrayed as in the news.

But hands down the favourite of the visits was Rainbow the freshwater turtle who handled all the excited shrieks and adulation in her usual calm manner… and just maybe replacing the koala as the favourite Aussie animal!