Our Watery World

When your world is the water, keeping you healthy and out of harm’s way has a few added challenges – especially if you are constantly on the go.

Our animal ambassadors cover thousands of kilometres every year to help share the need for ocean conservation and highlight the problems caused by the modern disposable lifestyle.

And while many of you may have met them in their display tubs, between engagements their time is spent luxuriating in a first-class facility designed to ensure their comfort and well-being.

Every week, salt water is shipped into storage containers in our home-based aquarium, guaranteeing a fresh supply for our animals.  Water quality is vital when you eat, breathe and sleep in it.

Food is also of an extremely high standard and varies according to individual dietary needs.  The turtles like pellets, our recently hatched baby banded bamboo sharks prefer prawns and our sea cucumbers happily vacuum up any discarded snacks that fall to the bottom.

We have 15 large tanks (or suites!) spread across two locations.  While a lot of our spare time is spent maintaining all the pumps, lights and filtration systems, our sea stars very kindly assist in keeping the glass pristine by devouring any algae build-up.

And while we don’t have any favourites amongst our animal ambassadors, it’s fair to say some are a little more high maintenance than others.

When they’re not travelling to schools, early learning centres or events, our fresh water turtles Rainbow, Chip and Dale have non-stop hydrotherapy in their purpose-built homes.

Every so often, though, there is a need for spa treatments – in particular, a regular manicure to keep their claws trim and not quite so terrifying!

Our menagerie of marine animals is like an extended family to us and we do everything we can to ensure they stay healthy and happy so they can continue their vital role of education through interaction.