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Celebrating World Wetlands Day in Australia

World Wetlands Day 2024

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World Wetlands Day is observed annually on February 2nd. It marks the date of the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971, an international treaty aimed at conserving and sustainably managing wetlands around the world. The day provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands for biodiversity, water resources, and the well-being of both people and the planet. It also serves as a platform to advocate for the protection and restoration of wetland ecosystems, which face numerous threats such as habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. Let’s delve into the significance of wetlands, their vital role in the environment, and why they deserve our utmost appreciation as we offer you a host of reasons for Celebrating World Wetlands Day in Australia.

mangrove habitatExploring the Richness of Wetlands

Wetlands encompass a diverse array of habitats, from marshes and swamps to mangroves and peatlands. Despite covering only a small percentage of the Earth’s surface, they are among the most productive ecosystems on the earth, supporting an astonishing variety of plant and animal life. Whether it’s the lush vegetation of a freshwater marsh or the unique biodiversity of a coastal mangrove forest, wetlands are hubs of life and vitality.

The Importance of Wetlands

Beyond their ecological richness, wetlands provide numerous ecosystem services essential for human well-being. They act as natural water filters, purifying and replenishing groundwater. Wetlands also serve as buffers against floods and storms, mitigating the impacts of extreme weather events. Furthermore, they are crucial for combatting climate change by storing vast amounts of carbon in their soils.

Did you know?

  • Coastal wetlands rank among Earth’s most biologically diverse habitats.
  • Coral reefs and mangrove forests serve as natural barriers, shielding coastlines from the destructive impacts of storm surges.
  • Wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate, with a staggering 35% lost since the 1970s, outpacing the rate of forest loss by threefold.
  • The factors contributing to wetland loss encompass drainage and infilling for agricultural and construction purposes, pollution, overexploitation of resources such as overfishing, invasion by non-native species, and the overarching influence of climate change.

Challenges and Conservation Efforts Mangrove

Despite their immense value, wetlands face an array of threats, including habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. Human activities such as urbanization, agriculture, and infrastructure development have led to the degradation and loss of these vital ecosystems.

However, there is hope. Conservation efforts worldwide are striving to protect and restore wetlands, recognizing their importance for both nature and society. Through initiatives such as wetland conservation areas, sustainable land management practices, and international agreements like the Ramsar Convention, we can work together to safeguard these precious environments for future generations.

Celebrating World Wetlands Day in Australia

On World Wetlands Day, we celebrate the beauty and importance of these remarkable ecosystems. Whether it’s exploring a local wetland, participating in a conservation project, or simply spreading awareness about their significance, there are countless ways to get involved. By taking action to protect and preserve wetlands, we can ensure that they continue to thrive and fulfill their vital role in sustaining life on Earth.


As we celebrate World Wetlands Day, let’s remember that these ecosystems are not just areas of water and vegetation; they are lifelines for our planet. By recognizing their value, supporting conservation efforts, and fostering a deeper connection with nature, we can ensure that wetlands remain vibrant and resilient for generations to come. So let’s come together to honor and protect these invaluable treasures of our natural world. Happy World Wetlands Day!

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School’s Guide to Key Ocean Events in 2024

Ocean Events 2024


In a world where environmental concerns are taking center stage, we see it as our duty to captivate and enlighten young minds about the critical significance of the ocean. Our aim is to instill in them a profound understanding of why the ocean is vital to all of us and to inspire them to want to take an interest in it as something that is precious and needs to be cherished.  We believe that the best way to do that is to make learning engaging and fun. What better way to do that than to focus on topical ocean events that happen throughout the year? So, here is our School’s Guide to Key Ocean Events in 2024…


World Ocean Day UN Decade of Ocean Science 2021-2030

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) is a global initiative aimed at promoting international cooperation and collaboration in ocean science to achieve sustainable development goals.

The decade focuses on enhancing scientific knowledge of the ocean, developing innovative technologies, and fostering partnerships to address the challenges facing the ocean and coastal areas. The overarching goal is to ensure a healthy and resilient ocean that can support current and future generations.

Vision: To deliver the ‘science needed for the future we want’


  • A clean ocean where sources of pollution are identified and reduced or removed
  • A healthy and resilient ocean where marine ecosystems are understood, protected, restored and managed.

UN Video   Offical site

World Whale Day 2024World Whale Day: 18 February 2024

In 1980, World Whale Day originated in Maui, Hawaii, with a focus on raising awareness about the challenges faced by whales in oceans worldwide. Annually observed on the third Sunday of February, this special day is dedicated to celebrating all aspects of whales and emphasizing the importance of their well-being. Useful info and resources.


Clean Up Australia DayClean Up Australia Day 2024, 3 March

Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. Find out more



SeaWeek 2024SeaWeek 2024, 2-10 March

Australia’s national public awareness initiative aims to spotlight community awareness, inform, and foster an appreciation for the sea. This week-long annual event provides an excellent platform to advocate for educational matters regarding the marine environment. The theme for this year centers around Ocean Literacy Principle 2: The ocean and life within it significantly influence the Earth’s features.

It focuses on our relationship with the natural world and the fact that healthy seas mean healthy people and calls on all of us to take some responsibility for the health and well-being of our coastal and marine environments. More info.

UN Ocean Decade Conference, Spain. April 10-12 2024UN Ocean Conference 2024

Three years after the initiation of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), this worldwide conference is scheduled to unite the Ocean Decade community and its partners. The event aims to commemorate accomplishments and collaboratively establish future priorities for advancing the goals of the Decade. More info


World Ocean Day 2024World Oceans Day: 8 June 2024

The focal point of the 2024 United Nations World Oceans Day is ” Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate.” The annual day seeks to renewd enthusiasm for the conservation and protection of the ocean and our vast blue planet as a whole. Official Guide  Activity ideas for schools


World Sea Turtle Day: 16 June 2024

World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated on 16 June annually as it is the birthday of Dr. Archie Carr, the so-called “father of sea turtle biology.”  His research highlighted the plight of sea turtles and drove community support to protect them and celebrate them annually on World Sea Turtle Day. Turtle facts


Plastic Free July 2024Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to reduce their plastic usage during the month of July. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of single-use plastics and inspire people to make conscious efforts to minimize their plastic consumption.

Participants in Plastic Free July commit to avoiding the use of single-use plastics such as plastic bags, bottles, straws, and packaging for the entire month. The campaign provides resources, tips, and challenges to help individuals make sustainable choices, adopt plastic-free habits, and contribute to reducing plastic pollution.

Shark Awareness Day: 14 July 2024

Sharks get a huge amount of bad press, yet on average one person is killed by a shark in Australia each year and heaps more are killed by horses and cows!! Without sharks in Australian waters, many ecosystems would not be sustainable, and we would be denied the pleasure of exploring amazing underwater habitats such as the world’s largest natural wonder, Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. The impact on tourism and economies would be huge. Shark Awareness Day aims to separate fact from myth and promote a positive image for these amazing creatures. Shark resources.

Coastcare Week 2024

Coastcare comprises volunteers from Australia who are passionate about safeguarding our remarkable coastal and marine environments. These individuals unite as one, forming a formidable force of 500 groups across Australia. Together, these groups actively contribute to making a substantial impact through sustained, practical solutions to address environmental issues in their respective localities. Coastcare Week serves as an annual campaign dedicated to celebrating the remarkable efforts of these community groups throughout Australia. The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024 is ‘Something for Everyone’. More info

Check out our Annual Events Calendar for even more great reasons to celebrate the ocean in 2024.

Bring Learning to Life With A Live Marine Animal Program

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