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Colour-Changing Sharks, Shark Awareness Day, Bringing Adaptation to Life in the Classroom, Plastic Free July FREE Resources, Humpback Whale Teaching Resources, Out & About, & Ocean Creature of the Month.


Colour-Changing Sharks

Recent experiments suggest that great white sharks are able to change color, from light to dark grey, in a matter of hours. This is thought to be in order to camouflage themselves from potential prey.

Sharks have been around for over 420 million years, that’s way before the dinosaurs came along. Their formidable ability to hunt (they have around 300 teeth and mind-blowing sensory ability) and the fact they have adapted so well to changing environments have enabled them to survive earth’s “big five” mass extinctions.

This new discovery could be further evidence of the awesome abilities of sharks to hunt and adapt to survive.

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Ocean News July 2022